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How to extend WI-FI signal

My home office is in an old converted coal shed and all of my connectivity out here is achieved using powerline network adapters, so everything is wired through ethernet. WiFi is limited and can be pretty much classed as limited at best and my wife has moaned that she gets poor signal on her phone when she comes in here, and to be honest I want signal out in the garden so that I can connect Spotify up!

So the challenge; extend WiFi for free recycling old parts….

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What happened to 100 Happy Days?

Well first of all, I forgot I had this blog! I’m a developer not a writer so this was never really at the front of my mind to be honest! Secondly, when I did remember I kind of had a thought that if I have to go each day looking to find something that made me happy, then can I really think of myself as happy? An epiphany¬†moment? Maybe…

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Once you have tasted the taste of sky, you will forever look up


Head’s up, my name is Shaun

When someone writes you an email referring to me as Shaun, I email you with a ‘from’ address as Shaun Gill and a signature of Shaun Gill, it’s a pretty good indication that my name is Shaun. Not Sean, not Gill, not Shane. Shaun.

100 Happy Days – Day 3

Well today saw Ben trying his first bit of “real” food, I say it like that as it was porridge and we all know how awful that stuff is! Well, he seemed to love it anyway.

Today porridge, tomorrow curry? Here’s hoping.

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