My home office is in an old converted coal shed and all of my connectivity out here is achieved using powerline network adapters, so everything is wired through ethernet. WiFi is limited and can be pretty much classed as limited at best and my wife has moaned that she gets poor signal on her phone when she comes in here, and to be honest I want signal out in the garden so that I can connect Spotify up!

So the challenge; extend WiFi for free recycling old parts….

Having a dig around my junk drawer I found an old Sky ‘g’ router – that’ll do!

  1. Press the Windows key + ‘R’, type ‘cmd’ into the box and hit ‘enter’
  2. Type ‘ipconfig’
  3. Make a note of the default gateway IP (mine was, load up a browser and type in the IP
  4. Log in using your router password – defaults tend to be admin/admin, admin/password, or in the case of Sky, admin/sky
  5. Router config screens are all different so I wont say where things are, but make a note of:
    1. SSID
    2. Wireless channel (change to either 1, 6 or 11 if set to Auto)
    3. Wireless encryption (eg WPA2-PSK)
    4. DCHP range (eg –
  6. Grab a laptop (or any other computer), turn it on and disconnect from any wired/wireless networks
  7. Power up the new (old) router and connect one of the spare ethernet ports at the back to the laptop
  8. Repeat steps 1-4 above on the laptop
  9. Go to the wireless settings and change the SSID to that of the main router (written down in step 5), and give it the same password. Change the wireless encryption to the same you wrote down in step 5.
  10. Go to LAN setup and deselect ‘Use as DCHP server’, and give it an IP address within the DCHP range from step 5 – I gave mine
  11. Hit save/apply and the router will reboot. You’ll no longer be able to connect to it from the laptop which is fine (unless you manually give it an IP)
  12. Unplug the ethernet from the laptop, set the router where you want it to be and connect it to your main router via ethernet
  13. Go to any computer connected to the network and type in the IP you set in step 10, and if all is working you should now be able to log in
  14. The only thing to do now is go to a place which wouldn’t normally have Wifi but should with the new setup, and test. If you were connected to the main router via wireless you should automatically connect to the new without having to enter any connection info. Working? Good stuff

That’s how I set mine up. Took about 15 minutes and I now have full wireless in the office. Should keep the wife happy anyway…

If you’re still unsure, have a watch of this and it should see you right: