Hello! I’m a Web Developer and Online Marketing Specialist based just outsideĀ SleafordĀ in Lincolnshire. I’ve been in the industry professionally since 2008, and as a hobby for much longer than that!

I have a passion for usability, accessibility, web standards and getting the job done. Basically I’m a bit of a geek, so I love getting my teeth into anything that’s a problem!


Becoming a director for LandingNet Ltd – a Web Development and Online Marketing Agency – back in 2008 has increased my knowledgebase and skillset tremendously since taking up the role.

Originally coming from an analytical background within Vodafone Business Solutions Ltd (formally Project Telecom Ltd), I saw the move to LandingNet as a way to forward my career and increase my own personal development into a direction more focused on the “geeky” online side of things.

To skip over the history of LandingNet (you can read it here if you want), when we became independent from Totemic I was taken out of my comfort zone and had to develope a whole new range of skills in order to fulfill work for our clients which include:

  • Project Management
  • Valid HTML + CSS
  • Javascript + jQuery
  • PHP 5 (both Procedural + OOP)
  • Database Development
  • Google Adwords Professional
  • Photoshop Image Manipulation

After leaving LandingNet in 2011 I then set up Big Square Box to focus more on my own personal projects, while still having a small customer base to do work for as and when required.

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